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Well, I passed my Theory Test, and I have my ‘L’s 🙂 Now to find the L Plates (that I know are around here somewhere) so that I can actually start practising…

I should also say Happy Australia Day to all Aussies out there. Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! 🙂


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Well, the Wood Ducks went back to their home yesterday. They didn’t like being bundled into a large carry cage; but once there they got very excited at seeing six other Wood Ducks around their age- followed by a large white Goose (that plays mother to Ducklings). It is possible that the ducks *could* be siblings, and that the four I looked after for just over a month were the ones left behind; and they may not be.

I’ve been doing my best to calm my nerves. For a while I’ve been meaning to get my Driver’s Licence, and now I think I’ll be going for my ‘L’s in about a week. I’m quite nervous, though my mum seems to think that I’ll pass the test just fine…I’m worried about pulling a blank and choosing the wrong answer- and then it’s the whole getting behind the wheel thing! O-o

Also, I’ve got some more Work Experience mid February. I’ll be doing three full days at a store I quite like the look of; I’ve been in there a few times. From nine to five- thirty I’ll be cleaning out the animals and stocking the shelves…that type of thing. I just hope I don’t stuff up! This one is a pet and plant store. I then *may* be doing more Work Experience at a couple of other places (possibly cat and dog boarding and Dog Grooming), but that’s all up in the air at the moment. It’s to give me a feel for the different areas of animal work.

As usual, I’m trying to keep my mind focused on the here and now, but it is difficult. Maybe I’ll find myself getting a Part-Time job this year, and maybe I’ll be driving myself too. Yep, let’s keep on the positive side of things…

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12th January 2010


It seems I haven’t updated my blog for a long, long time! I am sorry. I was planning on writing what went on in my life if it had to do with Fauna Rescue or Anxiety, and it seems that, whilst dealing with these things, I had abandoned my blog- not wanting to write anything and then forgetting.

Just checking my last post…ah, yes, the last thing I wrote here was when I picked up eleven ducklings from a pool. Well, about a month later and they were able to go to Minton Farm after all. I saw them again not long ago. 🙂 All of them are well.

My most recent patients are four Australian Wood Ducks. I received them from a member of Fauna Rescue, who couldn’t look after them because she was going away on holiday. They had hatched out on her property, and it seems the mother left them behind. The four of them have grown up into beautiful young ducks, and will be returning back home in about a week. They shall love the pond there. 🙂

Otherwise, there is nothing more I can say on the topic for a while, as I have gone off call. Once the ducks have left though, I shall have more room and be able to take in animals once again.

Christmas was good, not too hot or too cold, and at that time I still had thirteen Pacific Black Ducklings, along with the four Wood Ducklings; so seventeen ducklings over for christmas. It was interesting to watch them though. The Black ducks always travelled in a pack, with one playing Alpha and leading them everywhere. If you wanted them to go to a place in particular, you would have to heard them from behind. Wood Ducks, on the other hand, follow you and treat you as Mother Duck. I also noticed that they tend to follow in single file.

It was nice to just be able to sit on the lawn with the Wood Ducks, watch them graze and play in the water. They would often get into my lap too. They’re a bit tame now, but once they see and mingle with other ducks they will likely forget me and will be the wild ducks they should be. I will never forget them though…nor the fact that they terrified the cat and chased him off his lawn a few times…

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