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8th March 2010

Finally got more rain over here. A couple of days ago, I got soaked looking for a drenched Rosella. I heard it shrieking, and when I looked, I saw it trying to take off from the foothpath. I don’t know why it was down on the ground, but it certainly looked as though it had been caught out by the shower. I saw it run under a bush across the street.

I immediately went inside and grabbed some shoes, a jumper and a coat. It was pouring out there; I haven’t seen it rain so hard in a long time. I had to wait for the rain to die down a little, before crossing the street to look for the bird. At the time, I though it was a chick, but I knew it was some sort of parrot by its shrieks I had heard. My dad came out with me. It started raining harder again, and our raincoats, and dad’s hat, got soaked. I wore nothing on my head, so I must say I had a relatively good shower.

There was no sign of the bird, so we went back home again to wait for the rain to die down; my dad tipping his head so the water would run off his hat and into a pot plant. My hair dripping, we watched the rain bucket down, water gushing out the drain pipes on the side of the roads, and running down the gutters like mini streams or rivers.

When the shower had stopped again, my dad and I had another quick look, asking the owners of the house if we could look around nearer the house. Looked under every bush and in any place in the garden I could think of but could not see the bird anywhere. Standing on the corner of the street in front of the house, I expressed my concerns about the bird to my dad. If it was a baby, and it could not fly, it would be drenched, half-drowned, shivering from the cold and was easy prey for any cat that would brave the rain for a hunt.

“There it is, right there, in front of you,’ my dad said suddenly.


I looked at the bush in front of me- and there it was, sitting on the top of a bush. The bird was mostly dark in colour, but for the red marks we could just see on its face. I walked forward. Now closer to the bird, I could see flecks of green on it’s body too, but its feathers had darkened from the water. It looked like, as it goes “a drowned rat”. The poor bird looked saturated. It was mobile, however, and seemed quite alert. Whenever I tried getting nearer to it, it climbed about the bush, in amongst the denser, middle branches, or up on top in the open.

As we watched it, it would clim back up top again, ruffle it’s feathers, and sit in the open. It was obvious the bird was trying to dry itself out, so that it could fly off. I decided it was best to let it stay there, as it was an adult, was mobile and alert. It did the right thing; it hid under bushes when it rained, and when the rain stopped, it would come out again to dry off.

I’ve still had no calls from Fauna Rescue since going back on call, it has been rather quiet- even with the wind and rain. I will have to take myself off-call again soon, as it is getting close to my family weekend out.

My driving lessons have been going well, my sister is a good teacher. So far I have driven around different roads (but no real main, busy ones), gone around several roundabouts, done some U-turns, and managed to drive up to 60km/hr.- though not for very long. I’m just getting used to keeping the car on 50km/hr.


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