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Had my first actual holiday last weekend. The family talked me into coming with them to Kangaroo Island. I didn’t particularly want to leave my pets, even just for a few days; but I also didn’t want to regret not going. So I went.

It was ok; the first night was hard. I hadn’t been so far from home before, or been away from my pets for that long either. I feel I have a rather close bond with them. I tried to enjoy myself, however. It was made difficult by the fact that I had no access to internet, and then I found my mobile didn’t have a signal either, no matter where we went on the island! Disappointing. I’m considering changing my provider now.

We didn’t get to all the places we wanted to because we didn’t have the time. It took about an hours drive to get to places from where we were staying. We did, however, get to a wildlife park, a conservation park, a couple of lookouts, saw some fur seals, wallabies all over the place; and we took many photos. I love animals, so that was alright.

Took the Sealink there and back. Overall, it wasn’t  a bad weekend; but I was glad to get back home- and the pets were sure glad to see us!

As we were only going to be away for a few days, we didn’t bother going off- call for Fauna Rescue. We hadn’t had a call in a few weeks. Of course, as we thought would happen, we got a call a couple of days before we left. We had to give them another number, as we were preparing to leave and had no time to take in a rescue.

Yesterday, three days after we got home, we got another call. A young galah had been sitting on the front lawn of a house all day. The woman there said that when she first tried to catch it, it flew up to a tree, but then fell down again. It was also very quiet. Knowing that it could’ve given itself a concussion, and that it had been without food and water all day, we took the galah home and observed it. About an hour later, it still hadnt eaten or drunk anything. It suddenly tilted its head in different directions- and then fell over- like it had had a dizzy spell. When he got onto the perch he stood with his head down.

My mum and I had a quick tea and then took the galah to the animal hospital. They were quite busy, so took him for the night and said they would get back to us the next day.

They couldn’t find any sign of injury to the bird. Though they say he may have hit his head at some point, it seems it was more likely that he was weak because he hadn’t had anything to eat all day. They had given him a couple of feeds via crop feeding over night, and said that he was eating by himself now. The galah is currently back home with us. We are observing him over the weekend to see how he goes. We still have our galah, and they seem to like each other. Galahs are flock birds, and being in the presence of another bird just like him should hopefully help with the new birds recovery.


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