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Been so busy with ducklings, I’ve forgotten to update on here! The last thing I think I updated on was when we had the first ducklings outside with no light for the first time, yes? Well, we’ve been busy since the 28th of October.  We’ve had in a couple of long- neck tortoises, a couple of young magpies…and more ducklings. We’ve had to go off-call until new year because we ended up with over thirty ducklings! Most of them Pacific Blacks, but three are Australian Wood Ducks.

Three of the Pacific Blacks have already gone to a new home; the one we got on it’s own, one of the older ones that kept him company, and another one that came on it’s own since (he was slightly older too).

The first clutch of ducklings we got in are almost fully-grown now. They have only to grow their flights and they’ll be ready to take off (literally). Right now we are just trying to find them a home to take off from, as we don’t want them flying from here. Ten Pacific Blacks  are about three weeks old, and we currently have them in an old hutch. We are also trying to find them a home to be released at when they’re ready. We are having a Christmas party here at our place mid- December, and we don’t have the room to keep so many ducks here until they are all grown up. The Wood Ducks aren’t quite so messy and are easier to look after; and there are only three of them, so we are quite happy to look after them until they are also ready to fly.

However, whilst we sort out where the Pacific Blacks can go, they will stay here. The older ones are quite happy to wander free out the back. We can’t let the younger Blacks mix with the older ones, as the older ones will attack them. We can’t let the Wood ducks near them either for the same reason. There’s just too much of an age difference. Once they’re all fully- grown adults, however, I think they’ll be ok. They can all defend themselves and/or fly off if they need to.

Overall everything is well. We just need to find them safe release sights, which has been made difficult by the fact that many people are having fox problems at the moment. There are at least two people who may be able to take them, as they both have a dam on their property where the ducks could go for refuge if attacked or sleep at night; otherwise, while they can’t fly they are vulnerable.


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