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27th December 2010: Happy Holidays

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you all and your families the best for the New Year!

I also hope that any pets out there may’ve also been given a treat or two. Can’t forget our furry, feathered, scaled, shelled (or perhaps even bald) companions. They are family too! 🙂


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Been so busy this month, what with organising a Christmas party and all…

But now the last (and very late) update on the ducks. Well, we managed to get them all to homes 🙂 The first lot of Black Ducks went to the same Fauna Rescue member as we usually take Wood Ducks. Now she can’t take anymore though because she has too many than her dam can hold. The second lot went to another couple who are also Fauna Rescue members. We took the ducklings to the couple’s home…and they will release them when they are ready to fly.

We had three Wood Ducklings in our care, only one seemed to be falling behind the others and wasn’t eating well so we took him back to Minton Farm. Last I heard he was in with some chickens and was doing well. The other two Wood Ducks stayed in our care until we could find them a home, which prooved a little difficult. Also, as they were getting very close to flying, we couldn’t let them out of the pen for a while, as we didn’t want them flying from here. Eventually, however, we found someone who could take them and by now they would be roaming free on their property amongst other ducks. 🙂

I don’t think I’ll be posting on Fauna Rescue for a while, as we are off- call for Christmas (we are too busy to take calls at the moment) and I also have a new job I need to concentrate on. It’s at a boarding kennel. I’m both nervous and excited, as I don’t often get to spend much time with dogs. There are cats there also but I have worked with them before.

Still, I would like to get back to Fauna Rescue. I’m hearing people are getting inundated with animals, and I want to help!

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